Hello Alain, Congratulations on your winning for deck of the year.  I had not opened it up until today at home.  It is a wonderful deck.  Over the years I had hoped that new card collectors could infuse graphic elements of the past to replicate the old-time card makers.  I had not seen too many decks with wonderful graphics, but yours is a beauty and I hope will serve as an example to other current playing card designers. 

Phil Bollhagen, Playing Cards Collector and recipient of the 52 Plus Joker Dawson Lifetime Achievement Award 2018
(October 15, 2018 - via email)

via instagram

This past year, I spent time getting better acquainted with Lenormand, so those decks were out on my table constantly, but here’s another one that was: #cartomancerpokerdeck by Alain Benoit. It defies categorization... not tarot, not oracle, more than just playing cards! Love it! Quite often, I was pulling it out to read when the politics of the day had me tied up in knots, sickened, stunned ...I didn’t post all those, but the readings calmed me and brought me to a more balanced center. (…) I love the vintage engravings and the Jungian concepts of how we experience our world and personal journey.

(December 31, 2018)

Oh My Richness!!!! It's funny how the universe connects one to their desires. …since i was five years old I was madly passionate in giving readings with just a deck of playing cards. They are still my go to deck. As I got older many decks were used... a few yrs ago I came across the Lenormand deck 😍…my attraction to them was beyond words. AND now oh my NOW I have this deck!!! From @cartomancercards brilliant! Feel and the lovely energy put forth in each! Thank you ALAIN for hearing my heart- echoed words acrossed the plane of the universe. Love this Deck. Spent three hours interviewing the deck and they mesh perfectly with my Soul!!!
❤️❤️❤️( I just know I will be buying a second deck for back up 😁 )

@33thundersky, Reiki Master / Cartomancy Reader / Medium/Clairaudient
(November 3, 2018)